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                    CPMPANY ABOUT US

                    Jinan yixianling automation technology co. LTD

                    Jinan yixianling automation technology co., LTD., founded in 2009, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the research and development, production and sales of industrial automation motion control products.The company's products mainly include stepper motor driver, hybrid servo driver, servo motor driver, inverter, etc., has been widely used in engraving, laser, textile, packaging, medical, textile, lathe, printing, jet painting, woodworking, welding, robotics and other hundreds of automation equipment industries;It has successfully provided the best quality solutions to thousands of equipment manufacturers in all walks of life.We continue to build our technological advantages and pursue innovation and high quality.Expect to be able to provide you with outstanding products and services at any time.

                    Our vision Our vision

                    Our products to market positioning, according to the functional partition, the technical innovation in products, manufacturing expertise, and materials into more scientific and technological content, enables us to product for the customer provide new functions, improve the performance of their existing products, will be new products to market more quickly, and improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process, to provide customers with competitive advantage.The ranks are growing fast.We are committed to building our team into a world-class innovation service engine.

                    CULTURE CULTURE
                    • corporate values

                      Focus on customers, committed to the success of each customer, to achieve a win-win situation

                    • enterprise objective

                      Will be built into an innovative, market-oriented, global, brand influential company

                    • enterprise mission

                      To provide customers with competitive products, solutions and services, and continue to create value for customers


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